Marina Iława Lakeside Apartments’ developer is the company Osiedle Marina Iława, the majority shareholder of which is Piotr Szostak, an experienced businessman. He is a co-owner of the Q Hotels chain as well as the owner of the neighbouring Hotel Port 110. He has also assumed the role of a local patron of the arts and frequently organises art shows for artists from all of Poland. Mr. Szostak is also president and shareholder of MSU S.A., a leading producer of shoe soles for all of Europe, as well as a shareholder of LA RIVE S.A., a producer of cosmetics renowned in Poland and abroad. He is also the initiator and main sponsor of the Iława Half-Marathon, which yearly attracts hundreds of runners from all around Poland.


The charming peninsula located at ul. Konstytucji 3 maja, surrounded by the clean waters of Lake Jeziorak and the Iława River attracted the attention of Mr. Szostak long ago. Its unique landscape enticed him, as well as its close proximity to the city centre. He devoted much time to considering how best to utilise the unique potential of this place, so as to preserve its natural beauty and ensure its usefulness to the inhabitants of Iława.


Thus arose the concept for Marina Iława Lakeside Apartments – apartment buildings located directly on the shores of Lake Jeziorak, with their own marina for over a 100 boats, surrounded by the natural greenery of this unusual place.

Marina Iława - Inwestor

Great care was attached to the functionality and aesthetics of the buildings as well as to the high quality of the materials used to construct the common areas and the apartments themselves.

The extensive choice of apartments, their varied floor plans and innovative technological solutions make Marina Iława an unparalleled investment in the region.

Uncompromising Quality

In Marina Iława Lakeside Apartments, an attention to every detail and well thought-out aesthetic, technical and functional solutions are visible at every step. The personal supervision of the investor over the choice of materials, the color scheme and the patterns, and the employment of the fit-out materials guarantees the highest quality and harmony of the whole construct. Marina Iława is a marriage of vision and pure passion.