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Iława Marina
Hotel Port 110
Hotel Port 110

Marina Iława – A Real Estate Investment


The unique positioning of Marina Iława is undoubtably its greatest strength. Situated in the northern part of Iława city centre, it offers not only breathtaking views, but also great communication with the city and the rest of Poland. It takes only 8 minutes to reach Iława Central Train Station, where you can board the express Pendolino train and arrive at many of Poland’s larger cities far faster than by car.

Iława - dworzec kolejowy
Unique location
Marina Iława - Wizualizacja
Marina Iława - Wizualizacja

Marina Iława Lakeside Apartments is an exceptional place for those who value beauty and comfort. The beauty of the surrounding lake harmonises with the carefully designed architecture of the buildings, down to the minutest architectural details, and the functional aspects of the common areas, in particular the shoreline with its paths for strolling, private beach, seven mooring platforms and children’s playground.



The building complex is raised approximately 4 meters above the lake and river waterline. All the ground floor apartments are positioned at the same height. The surrounding grounds have been designed to maximise the visual aspects of the countryside. The spatial design of the buildings and their orientation guarantees good visibility from apartments of the lake, the modern port, the island and the river.

Marina Iława - zdjęcia z budowy
Marina Iława - zdjęcia z budowy

Car traffic will be restricted in between the apartment buildings and limited to special vehicles. Access to the underground parking garage will be possible only via external roads.

The architecture of the buildings emphasises their unique situation in a lakeside touristic area. The apartments are equipped with balconies and terraces for intimate entertaining. Large vertical windows provide better views of the countryside.


Marina Iława - Hotel Port 110
Marina Iława - Hotel Port 110

The neighbouring Hotel Port 110 offers services especially for the comfort of our residents – including the cleaning and supervising of apartments. The Hotel also a fantastic restaurant which serves delectable meals.

6 Buildings

Marina Iława Lakeside Apartments is a complex of six carefully designed modern apartment buildings. The project encompasses the construction of 152 apartments. Storage rooms and parking spaces in the indoor garage located at ground level – 4 meters above the waterline – are also available for purchase. The entire complex is monitored.

Marina Iława - Wizualizacja Inwestycji

Turnkey Construction

With the comfort of our clients in mind, we will be selling a portion of the apartments in the turnkey standard – ready for use. Their interiors have been designed by a renowned architectural firm, with particular care as to their functionality.

The designers have chosen a light color scheme and natural materials; the dominant color is white with contrasting taupe accents. Elements of the interior design are tied in by a natural oak floor, which ensures a solid and cosy look.

The bathrooms have also been aesthetically designed and fitted out with Villeroy&Boch ceramics, with Hansgrohe fixtures and Calacatta tiles by Iris.

Completion Standard

The quality of the completion standard of the apartments themselves and of the common areas is of the utmost importance to us. We would like our buildings to be not only beautiful and functional but also of a lasting quality. This is why all apartments in Marina Iława have been equipped with triple pane, noble gas filled windows, while the balcony rails are made of high quality stainless steel, particularly resistant to corrosion and high temperatures.

Marina Iława apartamenty

We have installed silent Schindler elevators, as well as videophones with high resolution LCD screens.

The front doors of the apartments, aside from their safety aspects, have wooden veneers – they are the highest quality doors available.

The stylish and functional terraces and balconies tiled in the highest quality composite (complete with a 25 year warantee) will harmoniously complement the apartments’ unique interior design.

Inwestycja nad jeziorem

Yacht Winterizing

We have great news for residents who own yachts or motorboats – you can entrust us with the maintenance of your boat. With just one phone call, we will bring your boat ashore, service it, winterize and store it for the winter season. In the spring, at your convenience, it will be launched back onto Lake Jeziorak and placed in your personal berth at one of our seven mooring platforms.